Women have to be treated for stroke as soon as possible.

Clot-busting drug therapy following stroke good for women New research displays women who don’t get a clot-busting drug after a stroke fare worse than men who aren’t treated. ‘Women have to be treated for stroke as soon as possible,’ said study writer Michael D. Hill, MD, MSc, FRCPC, with the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. ‘We discovered that females who weren’t treated got a worse quality of life after stroke than guys.Dr. Wakefield is charged alongside professors John Simon and Walker-Smith Murch. The trio deny significant professional misconduct including a study released in The Lancet medical journal in February 1998 suggesting there could be a connection between the triple jab, which can be used throughout the global world, and bowel autism and disease. The study caused a significant controversy but was quickly discredited, and 10 of the study’s 13 authors possess since renounced its conclusions. The Lancet as well has regretted publishing the study, criticizing the authors for not revealing what it characterized as a ‘fatal conflict of curiosity.’ The GMC allege that Dr.