Which regulates basic processes such as heartbeat.

On.Cerebellum and cortex age in very different waysResearchers have found that the two main areas of the brain seem to age in radically different ways: using the cortex in higher level thought more extensive changes experienced with age than the cerebellum, which regulates basic processes such as heartbeat, breathing and balance. On an analysis on an analysis of gene expression in different areas of human and chimpanzee brains, also shows that the two species brains. Differently. Despite their close evolutionary relationship.

.’There is still lot to think about how the brain aged and how changes in gene expression over time, the brain activity can be learned in the context, ‘says Michael B. Assistant professor of molecular and cell biology at UC Berkeley. ‘Our analysis shows that the different functions of the different regions of the brain influence how they age and that we can learn about functional variation and evolution by studying gene expression changes with age. ‘.In the last week every place where large numbers of people may collect have closes, including schools, universities, theaters, sport stadiums, restaurants and nightspots. Multiple large retail chains such Liverpool, Martinelli and Palacio de Hierro have been follow voluntarily complies with the President? Reputation of in the past four for the last four days of.. Four U.S. Citizens were asked quarantined to China, but were released, according the U.S. Embassy China. Additional 25 Canadian citizens has been provided in China quarantined, and had shows any symptoms of flu. New cases dropping to Mexico Mexican officials said in that the spread of swine flu has been significantly slowed to bottom nation.

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