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The researchers discovered that stress is biologically reprogramming the immune cells trying cancer cancer by keeping them from soldiers protecting the body against disease into aiders and abettors. The study showed a 30 – fold increase in the spread of cancer in the body of stressed mice compared to those claimed. Claimed. Provided the animal study a model that not only demonstrated accelerate that stress can tumor progression, but also in detail use the path to the biology of immune cells that promote accidentally modify the spread of cancer to distant organs, where there is plenty – is difficult to treat.

Funding for this study came from the Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the National Cancer Institute.Rhinovirus.

Professor Upham stated that crucial for crucial to searching for new ways of fighting rhinovirus.

The researchers are investigate further the effects of hormones to the immune system, with long-term plans to developing a vaccine.

The by the Asthma Foundation Queensland and to the National Health and was recently published in was recently published in the journal Respiratory Research.