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Occurring fluoride Naturally, it turns out, offers been seeping into water supplies, causing an epidemic of oral and skeletal health problems. Tens of an incredible number of Ethiopians, regarding to reports, are at this time suffering the side effects of fluoride exposure, which in addition to destroying teeth also deforms bones and escalates the risk of osteoporosis. Locals are developing serious mottling in their teeth, their bones have become weak, and their tooth are literally turning brownish as a result of fluoride exposure. Fluoride-tainted teeth begin showing after one cuts his / her milk teeth so when the permanent teeth grow, mentioned Fitsum Agza, a resident of Adama City, located about 62 miles east of the capital town of Addis Ababa, to Worldbulletin Information.2. Using a support pertaining to the joint or joints that have suffered bursitis and damage. 3. Discomfort relieving anti-inflammatory Cortisone and medicines steroid injection in the affected joints. 4. Removal of infected fluid from weight and bursae loss applications. Bursitis can be acute or chronic .As one can understand, this nagging problem could be avoided by reducing weight and taking proper care of health. With adherence to treatment, bursitis subside in five to 20 times usually.