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Groopman’s initial biomarkers were rapidly translated into a multi-nationwide investigation of the etiology of HCC that, for the first time, characterized the relationship between contact with aflatoxin and contamination with hepatitis B virus .. Cancer researcher to receive 2010 AACR Award of excellence For excellence in cancers prevention researchJohn D. Groopman, Ph.D., offers been selected to get the 2010 American Association for Cancer Research-Prevent Tumor Foundation Award for Excellence in Tumor Prevention Analysis. ‘We are thrilled to provide Dr. Groopman with this award,’ stated Margaret Foti, Ph.D., M.D. , chief executive officer of the AACR.Long-term caffeine intake has been associated with a decreased risk for gout attacks. Nevertheless, in the short-term, caffeine offers been found to improve uric acid, that may trigger an attack potentially. Based on this conflicting info, researchers recently evaluated whether consuming caffeinated beverages is linked to the threat of repeated gout attacks. In a study, funded in part by the ACR Education and Research Foundation, researchers considered the Internet to recruit 633 individuals who experienced experienced a gout pain attack within twelve months of the study to compare the quantity of caffeinated beverage usage during periods of gout attacks to periods without attacks.