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Substantial regional differences exist in the treatment of End-Stage Kidney Disease in Older AdultsThere are significant regional differences in treatment practices for the care of older adults with end-stage renal disease , including receipt of hospice care and discontinuation of dialysis before death, according to a study in the 14 July issue of JAMA. 75 years or older 75 years or older currently one of the fastest growing within the within the ESRD Average Medicare costs for an older patient, long-term dialysis exceed $ 100,000 in the first year after initiation of therapy, ‘the authors write. They add that little is known about regional differences treatments for older adults with ESRD and to what extent these practices.


A growing number of female subjected mastectomy as a treatment for cancer or as an agent of prevention. After breast cancer welcome have a mastectomy, partially or complete removal of the chest, many required radiation therapy. Half these women walking to develop by mail or pre mastectomy rays other complications, complications place the patient back to the operating room long after in reconstructive procedures. However, the September issue of Archives of Surgery of JAMA reports that not seem at before radiation associated with the need of supplementary proceedings or publish after mastectomy.