Under natural conditions.

‘In this way, the method in clinical routine easily easily and without much effort,’he says.. Under natural conditions, fertilization takes place in the fallopian tube, the egg is then begins to divide, while contractions of the oviduct transported. It is the uterus. This process takes just 2-3 days. During implantation in the endometrium on the sixth day after fertilization , the embryo consists of several hundred cells. Throughout the process, the embryo protected by the membranes. In this wayonn team led by Dr. Markus Montag and Professor Hans van der Ven software developed in conjunction with the Octax Microscience Company, which analyzes the image from the microscope objective and proposes the most suitable cells.

Stephen Minger, a professor and stem cell expert at King’s College London, said: ‘My worry is that this is a commercial service that the promoted if the promoted if the science really is not there it it. ‘He added: ‘It is the the experiment, before you can walk, and for commercial purposes it is done for commercial purposes it is even worse ‘(BBC News.. Reaction Lord Robert Winston, the fertility expert and Chancellor of Sheffield Hallam University, He added: a clear example of the exploitation of the worries about the fate of a couple of their children, ‘and added: ‘There is no scientific evidence that this is notion maintains a useful technique ‘ be.The Health Symposium be a complete panel well health and natural healing expert Billed speakers and their Thread have:.