Today signals the Senate dutasteride treatment course.

‘Today signals the Senate, to the Senate. Undermine not tolerate efforts to health reform and embraced public health and prevention as the hallmarks of reform, ‘said Benjamin dutasteride treatment course . ‘The public health welcomed the Senate to protect the fund and appreciate the promise that prevention is true for all Americans. ‘.

In a 52-46 vote, the Senate voted against proceeding to consideration of an amendment by Sen. Mike Johanns to the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act, which was repealed a provision in the new law offered have that small businesses report all transactions of $ 600 or more to the Internal Revenue service. Johanns’ amendment would by diverting $ 11000000000 contain contain the Fund and by the weakening of the individual mandate for health insurance in the health care reform law. – Chronic disease such as cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes and stroke, the leading cause of premature death and disability , and the primary driver of health care costs in our country, said Georges C. Benjamin, managing director of APHA. Prevention Fund offers us an excellent opportunity in health expenditures in spending on health and to transform the nation’s health care system towards a focus on preventing disease before it occurs. A win-win a win-win for everyone, including small businesses. .

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