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As its own, to look at a specific position on the issue, but encourages its experts, the various aspects of the data from a variety of perspectives in order to express the conclusions from their research from their research and clinical expertise Garvan not. There is no doubt that estrogen on the body on the body -. It helps bone strength and protection against type 2 diabetes. It was reported that HRT may to increase a woman’s risk of deep vein thrombosis .

Thus, the general take-home message for women in menopause is eat less, move more, and if you check on HRT, transdermal patches. International Association for the Study of Obesity , a conference in Bangkok, Thailand in March 2008.There implant Most Effective reversible contraceptives available.

IUDs and contraception implants should used to a medical practice. Two types of spiral small T-shaped will to be imported, even in the uterus. The copper IUD which effectively prevented gestation of 10 years raises a small quantity of copper into the uterus of, preventing the fertilization. In addition, copper disturb by to the sperm ability to move through the uterus and in the fallopian tubes. The unit can also be applied emergency contraception when employed over five days of unprotected sex..