They have a cancer is identified that there is no threat to their health.

One of the problems with prostate cancer screening is that we know that prostate cancer screening a group of men while they have cancer, they have a cancer is identified that there is no threat to their health. – So the test finds disease that does not require treatment. Test missed a lot of illness that must be treated. The end result is that we do not have a clinical study yet to tell us that the population we haveis screened less prostate cancer deaths compared to a population that is not screened, we have studies that show that a population is screened has further treatment of prostate cancer.

Is small, On Report on Hormone Therapy and Ovarian Cancer from The Million Women Study in The LancetA report from the Million Women Study Suggests under an observational study of women in the UK, a small but statistically significant increase in ovarian cancer risk in women hormone therapy. The report was published online today and in the 21th April 2007 issue of The Lancet, are included.Roche and Genentech are pursuing a comprehensive clinical programs investigating the use to be of Avastin in advanced colon having other chemotherapies and also the expansion in which adjuvant . As may which mechanism relevant in a range of malignant tumors, Roche and Genentech are be also investigating the potential clinical benefit of Avastin for pancreatic cancer, ovarian, renal cancer, and others. About 15,000 patients are expected be recorded clinical trials around the world over the coming years. Leading research in Great Britain.