There is absolutely no single gene to get ageing.

Studies of ageing also give insight in to the causes of cancer, because ageing and tumor have the same history causes, thinks Vilhelm Bohr, professor at the University of Baltimore in the usa. Cancer is more regular with age. We should understand the causes of ageing to be able to understand why we have cancer, points out Bohr during his presentation at the conference. Kirkwood’s paper was offered at the Functional genomics and disease meeting – Genetics Meeting, Oslo, Norway, University of Oslo and European Technology Foundation .. Approximately twenty five % of what sort of person ages is inherited from parents Relating to professor Thomas Kirkwood of the University of Newcastle, there is absolutely no single gene to get ageing.‘We are happy to partner with Kunwha on the continuing global commercialization of BEMA Fentanyl,’ said Dr. Tag A. Sirgo, Chief and President Executive Officer of BDSI. ‘Kunwha includes a long background in Korea and a solid market presence, as demonstrated by their sales team of 150 well-qualified and experienced medical and product sales representatives and is, we believe, ideally suitable for address the specific requirements of the Korean industry.’ Kunwha will lead to the regulatory submitting of BEMA Fentanyl in South Korea and also future commercialization for the reason that territory. BEMA Fentanyl is certainly authorized in the U.S. And Canada, beneath the trade name ONSOLIS, for the treating breakthrough discomfort in opioid-tolerant adult sufferers with malignancy, and BDSI anticipates acceptance in the E.U.