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The study is not yet finished and final results for safety and other efficacy results will available in 2008, the researchers said .

The number for the Avastin plus chemotherapy group were: seizures and neutropenia , neutropenia is a condition where there is a low number of neutrophils, a type of white blood cell.

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GTx, Inc. today announced top-line results of clinical phase II study to assess Ostarine , Merck & Co selective androgen receptor modulator , for patients with a cancer causing muscle loss, aka As a cachexia. In this analysis, the study met the its primary endpoint of an absolute change in the total fat free body mass as compared to placebo and the secondary endpoint of muscle function after 16 weeks of treatment. GTx and Merck & Co. Cooperate to Ostarine and different SARMs, the one new class of drugs that are sarcopenia on to that treat the loss of muscle mass to carry out to a reduced physical strength and ability to perform activities of the daily life, cancer cachexia and others musculoskeletal diseases.