The New York Times reports

Obama Administration Target Physician care without increasing costsThe Obama administration is taking steps a nationwide a nationwide shortage of physicians to meet the needs of an aging population and millions of uninsured people who support the health insurance under legislation through obtain would meet the President, the New York Times reports. According to the Times, government officials about a shortage of about a shortage of primary care physicians. White House White House forum on health care, President Obama said: ‘We are not producing enough primary care physicians, ‘and added, ‘The cost of medical education are so high that people feel that they have to specialize . ‘Considered a proposal to solve the problem would be to increase Medicare payments to PCPs but reduce payments to specialists -. The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission has recommended up to 10 percent increase in reimbursements for many benefits of primary health care, including doctor’s visits, and recommended that Congress reduce payments for other services, 5,000 doctors increase. Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus said Medicare payments against PCP, the majority of care for chronic diseases such as heart failure, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease have been distorted. Specialists are lobbying against such a measure, saying that Congress should refund PCPs increase without reducing payments to specialists.

About ActifuseThe unique silicate substituted calcium phosphate chemistry Actifuse is a major advance in synthetic bone graft technology and provides the surgeon with a safe and effective alternative for both autologous and allogeneic. Actifuse accelerated bone formation and improves the strength of the subsequent organization and graft / host bone composite structure. Unlike conventional calcium phosphate-based or other silicon-containing products is transformed Actifuse steadily and predictably by the host biology over time to ensure that there is sufficient conductive scaffold remains. For the duration of the new bone growth and its subsequent maturation.

Appointments, Examines Shared Medical ScheduleThe Boston Globe on the analyzed ‘shared appointments with the doctor, ‘a practice of in which an doctor sees a set of patients at once. Accordance with the Globe, ‘Many patients, it turns out, are prepared to sacrifice privacy and modesty on improved access to medical. ‘reported that patients reported that patients Medical doctors in the willing of a group, usually to get dates before, and ‘the medication having similar problems and issues, and from a different groups in visitor to study. ‘Doctors can also ‘to make a better financial ‘as many insurance companies usually pay Medical the same rate as it browse individually the patients, after the Globe.

Jamila Horabin, associate professor of biomedicine at the College of Medicine & Health , has a four-year $ 1,000 scholarship from the NIH, obtained to continue their work. Horabin recently identified a direct link between RNA silencing and of genetic main power switch controlling gender determination processes in fruit flies.