The new study will focus on the safety of the drug when used to treat stroke patients.

We have developed a number of studies stroke patients stroke patients help performed, but this is the first study of a potential treatment that our researchers have actually developed. It is a great example of scientists and clinicians together to try to improving the health of people not only here but around the world. That was a very fruitful cooperation. .. Scientists are cautiously optimistic APC because it already shown to be sure in patients with sepsis in patients with sepsis. The new study will focus on the safety of the drug when used to treat stroke patients.

Neurologist Curtis Benesch, director of the Strong Stroke Center lead the study of APC for stroke. In the next five years he will attend together with doctors at the University of California at Irvine, Washington University in St. Sinai Hospital in New York City and Rochester General Hospital to 72 people in the study. Participants are people who have had a stroke within six hours but decrease the use of TPA.Across his chest.. The mid-1990s, a further non-invasive method of scoping when endoscopic ultrasound was are known, uses in order to stage lung cancer. Of this scope utilizing a flexible tube with an ultrasound probe is is used for a long time for the sample and for sample and tumors gastrointestinal tract tract. Wallace and others they fit to use in lung staged because it realizes probe, into the esophagus, was able to from of the lymph nodes rear the lungs. In this procedure, Medical perform a very low needle in the lymph nodes, a biopsy rather. But as extremely secure and precisely to lymph node in the back part of the breast, the developing countries and emerging scope could be does not biopsies lymph nodes under the.

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