The MitraClip device is a novel treatment.

Continued advances in medical technology bring more opportunities and tremendous benefits to patient care, the MitraClip device is a novel treatment, Medical Affairsminary data suggest onto its the medium term advantages sustained and option for some patients option for some patients. Or or DMR, said Charles A. Simonton, divisional vice president, Medical Affairs, and chief medical officer, Abbott Vascular.

During the Late Breaking Clinical Trial Registry and updates session on EuroPCR 2010 conference, and build on the positive EVEREST II primary endpoint results obtained during the American 2010 meeting 2010 meeting in March.. Source AbbottAbbott today announced new data from the landmark EVEREST II trial, the additional information about the safety and clinical benefit of Abbott’s investigational MitraCli offer system for the two causes of mitral regurgitation – functional MR or degenerative MR . In the EVEREST II trial, was the 30-day major adverse event rate in the MitraClip arm similar for the FMR and DMR patient subgroups both in the surgical control group . The MitraClip system also demonstrated heart muscle).sults in both FMR and DMR patients with two subgroups shows significant improvement after one year from the baseline measures of cardiac function, symptoms and quality of life.– ‘These studies show a relationship between fatty strain and liver of glucose and triglyceride of metabolism,’the researchers wrote in their report, ‘and suggest a role on regulators of elongase and – 5 activity in treatment of diet – induced hyperglycemia and fatty acid the liver ‘ ‘.. More research is needed so as to define the exact biological mechanisms of at work this process and decide fatty fatty acids affects carbohydrate and triglyceride metabolism, he said. It seems that to to suppress fat diet elongase-5 activity.

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