The low carb diet on the other hand had the same mood-enhancing effect at first.

The low carb diet on the other hand had the same mood-enhancing effect at first, but this began to change in mood wear off after the first few weeks.

Participants met with a dietitian twice a month to help them on the track and researchers, participants rated the feelings of depression, anger and exhaustion before the diet started, remain after eight weeks of the diet, 24 weeks, and at the end of year. I’m not surprised, what would[ dieters] have a better mood, and[ yet] healthy carbohydrates, says Dr. Keith Ayoob, nutritionist and professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. If a diet is[ very] low in carbohydrates, it can start to wear down you. .Courtesy you may the total daily Women’s Health Policy Reports display search in the archives, or sign up for mail delivery this emphasis. Daily Women’s Health policy coverage from is a free service the National Partnership for Women & Families of the Advisory Board Company being publish.

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