The Lancet Asia Medical Forum brings together doctors from Asia with their counterparts in Europe.

We hope this year’s Forum in Singapore is to further awareness and mobilize for action.. The Lancet Asia Medical Forum brings together doctors from Asia with their counterparts in Europe, USA and Australia, this challenges to address in the treatment of cancer and for for dialogue and discovery. Asia Pacific regionon the specific questions related to the provision and future needs of effective cancer care in Asia, focusing on the ten most common cancers in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, world is opinion leaders discuss the causes of cancer in Asia, health systems and the challenges of providing effective disease management with limited resources, with views of state-of – the-art techniques in the field of diagnostics, medical oncology, radiation and oncology.

This conference questions questions, but we hope, where solutions could arise. .. Asia is on the threshold of a cancer epidemic of unprecedented proportions. Projections show that increasing the number of new cases of cancer in Asia, 4.5 million in 2002 to 7,000 in 2020, disease and management strategies remain unchanged. The rapid economic growth in some Asian countries, together with the accompanying industrialization and urbanization contribute to an ever increasing risk of common cancers. People will be diagnosed with cancer in Asia are more likely of their disease than patients with cancer in Europe and the U.S. As it die less cancer screening programs, inadequate access to treatment and less research.Female who were younger who were diagnosed in recent years and in east or west United State were located more ovarian cancer or ovarian cancer undergoing preservation.

Carried out early stage ovarian cancer patients If Conserve FertilityA new study reveals that young women with early ovarian cancer can be future fertility by minimum an ovarian and the womb preserving without any the risk of the dying from the illness. Study being into the 15th September 2009 issue on Krebs an peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society releases.