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The analysis also raises worries about the use fusogenic viruses as vectors for human gene therapy or in various other clinical applications due to the possibility that such viruses might cause cancers. Related StoriesCrucial change in single DNA bottom predisposes children to intense form of cancerStudy shows uncommon HER2 missense mutations do not spread breasts cancer on their ownMeat-rich diet may increase kidney cancer riskThe idea that aberrations in the number or structure of chromosomes can spur tumor formation is more than a century outdated.She is currently the Medical Director of the University of Michigan Wellness System Bariatric Surgery Plan and Director of the UMHS’ Rate of metabolism, Endocrinology and Diabetes Weight problems and Metabolic Disorder Program. Related StoriesStudy explores diabetes screening for individuals with severe mental illnessSleep loss reduces insulin sensitivity, boosts diabetes riskNew Cleveland Clinic study shows bariatric medical procedures is safe choice for managing type 2 diabetes in overweight or mildly obese patientsDr. Oral’s team will also be presenting a poster at ENDO 2011 entitled, ‘Treatment of Serious Lipodystrophy with Metreleptin in a Patient with Active Juvenile Dermatomyositis’ on Sunday, 5 at 1:30 p June.m.