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The faster execution of the application, a physician will be able provide a quicker provide a quicker diagnosis and promptly begin appropriate treatment for patients. – ‘This is primarily a matter of technological innovation, the cooperation with our customers, and their application in order to directly benefit their patients,’ said Shahrokh Daijavad, Next Generation Computing, Systems & Technology, ‘This improvement with the application, which reach on mobile two things – allow Mayo physicians and radiologists in seconds, take what hours to complete, decrease significantly decrease significantly the waiting time and anxiety for wait for news waiting for news from achieving physician. ‘.

Clinic and IBM score significant advance in real-time medical imagingstaff of the Mayo Clinic and IBM have exploited parallel computer architecture and to to dramatically speed up the processing of 3 – D medical images. The feed significantly aids image registration – the computer-enhanced alignment in three-dimensional space of two medical images at different times or with different imaging devices obtained. Are with the images properly aligned over one another, a radiologist can more easily detect structural changes such as the growth or shrinkage of tumors..UC torchlight causes with periods of remission. As a flare, in which the rectum or Kolon ignited, people can experience symptoms like diarrhea, rectal bleeding, abdominal cramping, and an urgent need to since its introduction, system. Flares Whereas duration and intensity. While UC is a lifelong condition, medication which to control torch.

## About ulcerative colitis .UC comprises inflammation of the colonic mucosa and rectum It varies in clinical severity of in patients with mild, moderate to severe illness. Treatment depends on to the extent and disease severity.