The database includes references to 900 studies.

The database includes references to 900 studies, of which human breast cancer studies that are critically evaluated by the research team. The studies measure risk of breast cancer in relation to body size, physical activity, environmental pollutants, and prospective studies of diet. For each study, bibliographic information, key methods and findings, and a critical assessment of the strength of the evidence is contained. The database shows, – that among the 216 compounds that cause breast tumors in animals:.

In response to the results of the study is is now funding the development of new and innovative models for the study of breast cancer and environmental risk factors. Komen continues financed environmental projects under investigator-initiated grants program and is actively looking for ways to partner with other groups as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Environmental Health Labs.In July 2007 NovaLign successfully raised $ 10,000 in his in Series B round of funding from a syndicate of leading venture capital firms, including Versant Ventures in Menlo Park, Calif., SV Life Sciences Funds in Boston, Massachusetts, start-up Medical Ventures in Duluth, Georgia.