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Rossignol and study of other doctors offer therapy in a hyperbaric chamber in their own practices – a potential conflict of interest, that in their paper noted. They said, everd.hat the results have replicated before the therapy can be recommended. – While the reasons remain unclear, pressure chambers can help autistic children.

Hyperbaric Autism Treatment shows potential promiseSeveral experts contacted ABC News for this story refused to speak on the record to hyperbaric therapy. And others who came to speak on the record harbored some skepticism.For people studies shown any harmful effect of of pandemic vaccine in relation to pregnancy, that birth or postnatal development. In fact recent studies show to infected pregnant women 10 Times 10 times higher chance to to hospitalization in the intensive care as in infected people the general population. In Ireland, for more than 6 percent of our hospitalized swine flu circumstances women in pregnancy. The benefits vaccination far exceed any risk of.. Of article refers to thiomersal, the preserving agents a widely used vaccines. Safety of thimerosal been rigorously from national and international scientific groups, including the World Health Organization that there was no evidence or toxicity in infants, children and adult, including pregnant women suspended thiomersal in vaccines tested accounts.