Such as in muscle tissue and in the heart.

CSL develops new drug candidate against type 2 diabetes CSL Limited has developed a new drug candidate that can prevent the development of type 2 diabetes and reverse its progression in pet types of the condition . The drug candidate blocks signalling by a protein known as Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor B which prevents fats from accumulating in the ‘wrong’ areas, such as in muscle tissue and in the heart. As a result, cells within these tissues are once again able to react to insulin and blood sugar is restored on track levels.

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When a gene's DNA has been copied in to the messenger molecule known as mRNA, the intermediate template for making proteins, a cellular machine called the spliceosome cuts and pastes different items out of and into that mRNA molecule. The non-essential parts that are edited out are known as introns, while the final protein-coding mRNA includes a string of parts pasted jointly referred to as exons. The bit that fits into the PK-M1 gene-coding sequence is called exon 9, although it is replaced in PK-M2 by exon 10. In this manner alternative splicing provides the cell with the ability to make multiple proteins from a single gene.