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Senate candidate Rep. Mark Udall and former Rep. Bob Schaffer on Tuesday both said they Amendment 48 Amendment 48, a state ballot measure that abortion by defining person as beginning at fertilization, the Denver Rocky Mountain News reports would forbid. According to the news, Udall, who supports abortion rights has issued long been the measure. Schaffer, who opposed abortion rights , calling abortion murder , had not taken a position on the initiative until Tuesday. Both candidates discussed the arrangements for separate appearances on Khow the Caplis and Silverman.

In the Intel system, the medical devices transmit the information to an Intel Health Guide is remote patient monitoring system in the patient’s home. Dependent. By the respective medical device data to the Intel Health Guide system either via wired or wireless connection, such as Bluetooth are transferred Then the Intel system is electronically transmitted Mayo patient vital signs data, and patient answers to several disease-specific questions asked via text or audio from the Intel system.Panzem , of Company’s lead drug candidates is currently for in a number of phase 2 clinical trials for cancer, as well as undergoing preclinical development for the treatment in rheumatoid arthritis. Is an oral cell cycle regulatory being in several studies phase 2 for cancer. ENMD-1198, a novel tubulin-binding drug, is in a Phase 1 trials into advanced cancers. Forward and market new connections on the company expertise of angiogenesis, cell cycle regulation and inflammation base – process vital to the handling of cancer and other diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

EntreMed , a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company the development of therapeutics in the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases announced today the presenting preclinical financial results for the Aurora kinase – angiogenesis inhibitor, ENMD – nine hundred and eighty first June 2007 at Boston, Massachusetts – Data was during the talks and posters on EntreMed scientist of the second kinases in the Drug Discovery Conference, by of May presented.