Said Wynne Powell.

An important part the Provincial Health Services Authority Order to improve the health of British Columbia through advancements in research, said Wynne Powell, Board Chair, Provincial Health Services Authority. It is only through the generation of new knowledge – as this groundbreaking work by BC Cancer Agency scientists – that we effective and targeted to deliver better and more effective, targeted therapies for cancer patients. .

In the meantime, the results of the current analysis, it may be advantageous include the parents in primary smoking – prevention programs for children. Prevention programs need parents and the parents and the children, Bricker said. We must recognize the parents, if they quit smoking, they can help their young adult children to leave smoking in the smoking in the future. .Quite methods of diagnosis and management of breast cancer include anatomic staged, histological evaluation of and molecular testing on ER, PR and HER2/neu protein expression. The PAM50 test will be from formalin – fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues made, allowing in clinical routine in routine clinical practice. ‘With additional information about tumor biology and of quantitative data on biomarker Already a choices is decisions is the first step towards personalized healthcare in the oncology,’said Bernard.