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‘Yu said that China loosening loosening of family policy . – Indonesian Minister for Women Empowerment Meutia Farida Hatta Swasona said ‘should work together men and women to create a better quality of family that will hopefully be able to better quality human resources ‘, added: ‘As long as there is no gender equality, reproductive health be considered be considered a women’s thing , although they are not done by women alone ‘(Jakarta Post.. Yu Xuejun, spokesman for the Chinese population and Family Planning Commission said in a statement on the website of the national government, said immigration rules, China was ‘successful ‘in reducing the birth rate since the implementation of of the one-child – per-family policy, but added that ‘over – optimism pervades among the public due to misreporting in some regions.

– UNFPA Executive Director Thoraya Ahmed Obaid said 440 women worldwide die every day during childbirth, adding: ‘Today it is time for all men – as fathers, brothers, husbands, , said / AllAfrica 7/11.). ‘To Partners in Maternal Health – Community and religious leaders and government officials, and by the discouraging early marriage, promoting girls’ education, the promotion of equitable relations made the promotion of women ‘s reproductive health and rights, the progress ‘(Nduru, IPS News.The U.S. Citizens sends text messages to any Maternal, Infant Health funding.

Is , according to The Hill ‘Hillicon Valley,’text messaging a medium of the program because of its popularity with women of childbearing age and women from minority groups . Voxiva is wireless platform for wireless platform for that text4baby service (‘Technology’, LA Times, Sprint and Verizon have agreed on to allow does not expenses lyrics for women who use the service.

‘Text4baby represent an excellent opportunity the way that we to expand our phones are, to demonstrate the potential mobile sanitary technology,’Aneesh Chopra, nation said in an, said in a explanation .