Recent research exploring a possible long-term treatment.

Recent research exploring a possible long-term treatment, he transplantation of insulin – producing beta cells in patients – brought encouraging results. But this approach with its own challenges, as suppressing the extreme shortage of matched organ donors and the need for patient immune system.

In this study, nausea was the most frequently reported side effect during the acute phase and as a as a reason for discontinuation for 2.1 % of patients. In the continuation phase, there were no significant differences in the side effects reported by patients as compared to those under Cymbalta sugar pills. Among patients who completed the first 12 weeks of the study and entered the continuation phase, 3.6 % reported side effects as reasons for discontinuation over the next 26 weeks of the study.They hope patches Addition designing able be stored for extended periods at ambient temperature and that is to increase the volume and duration of immunity against flu – perhaps with lesser amounts of vaccine. We expect that these research to a better way to the provision of flu vaccines, the lead permit more people that they need that the immunizing to a convenient and effective ways, said Mark Prausnitz , a professor for of the Georgia Tech School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.