Pediatric experts identified variations in genes that affect a child&39.

CHOP study: Kids with particular gene variants may require higher doses of pain-control drugs In the first genome-wide analysis of postsurgical suffering in children, pediatric experts identified variations in genes that affect a child's need for pain-control drugs. The results suggest that at some point doctors may calibrate pain-medication dosages relating to a kid's person genetic makeup. ‘Although this research is only a first step for we, it offers tremendous new insight in to the biological mechanisms and brings us a little closer to personalizing medicine for pain control,’ stated Scott D spreading of bacteria .

CHUM neurosurgeon raises funds for epilepsy research On 8 January, 2010, CHUM neurosurgeon Dr. Alain Bouthillier will keep for Argentina, where he shall brave the 6,962-metre heights of Mount Aconcagua. Dr. Bouthillier’s climb is intended to raise public awareness about epilepsy and increase funds for further analysis on the illness. Aconcagua, the ‘Colossus of the Americas,’ is the highest summit in the Andes mountain range and the highest in the world outside of Asia. The climb shall take three weeks. But it has taken a few months of progress preparation and rigorous schooling for Dr already. Bouthillier, who is within the costs of the expedition personally.