Parkinsons disease: responses to mental health issues in Parkinsons held on Thursday.

‘ Parkinson’s disease: responses to mental health issues in Parkinson’s ‘ held on Thursday, September in Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham. For more information e-mail:.

The PDS is now planning a specific training program designed for professionals with regular consultation with key professional associations. Five programs to be piloted in the UK in February 2009. Arrange for more information and to participate, contact Jackie Spencer, Mental Health Project Manager on.An additional data from both studies are also presented.. That presents preclinical data from studies of Plicera for Gaucher diseaseAmicus Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company small molecule, orally-administered pharmacological chaperones for treating a series of human genetic disorders, today announced that you will present the outcome of preclinical Plicera for Gaucher disease on the American College of Medical Genetics Jahrestagung March 21 to 25 Nashville, the data demonstrate the ability to the Plicera at levels the target enzyme in cells from a patient with N370S mutations derived and increasing in mice which express the L444P mutation. The N370S and L444P the two most frequent mutations are associated with Gaucher disease.