Over two million people in prison in Europe.

If prisons do not become a breeding ground for infectious diseases, health and medical care, and prevention and treatment must be an integral part of the penal system. Prison health policy should in national policy and prison health should the public health service the public health service to be integrated. This applies to any health issues, but is particularly important in the case of contagious diseases.. Medical care andnishment:time in prison should for infection for infection with HIV or tuberculosis Lead At one point, over two million people in prison in Europe. Prisons are extremely high-risk environments for the transmission of infectious diseases due to a high number of risk factors, such as overcrowding, poor nutrition, limited access to medical care, continue to illegal drugs and unsafe injection practices, unprotected sex and tattooing.

Healthy individuals at entry are An effective risk of leaving prison with HIV or tuberculosis or with an addiction to drugs. Add to this the stigma of imprisonment, this impedes their reintegration into society and a normal family a normal family and social life. The post-release period is very important, such as ex – prisoners are at higher risk of dying within the first few weeks after release from prison, largely as a result of an overdose of illegal drugs.Studies have demonstrated Globalhealth News: droughts S. China; Images Of TB, Kenyan demographic growth, sanitation issues Cambodian, TropIKA.net TropIKA.net studied as researchers taking up ‘ Open Source Principles of ‘ To Bolsters Drug Development.

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