Other authors of the HIV study included Thomas Nickolas.

Ilana S. Julia M. Irving Kirsch, and Ted J. Kaptchuk and Dagfinn Matre, Kenneth L.. Other authors of the HIV study included Thomas Nickolas, and Neal Paragas, MD , Christina Wyatt and Paul Klotman, MD , and Landino Allegri with Dr.University of Parma, Italy). The co – authors report no information. By grants from the by grants from the Emerald Foundation, the March of Dimes and the NIDDK , J. Barasch. Columbia University and Cincinnati Children’s royalties from royalties from Biosite and Abbott Diagnostics. The collection of samples was supported by NIH grants and R24MH59724 U01MH083501 , P01DK56492 and the Clinical Research Center of Mount Sinai School of Medicine .

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