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The results suggest Pycnogeno may as an alternative treatment to estrogen replacement therapy, which are the most common means of pre – menopause symptoms.. So now you know the pitfalls, the right tools and are willing to tackle even the biggest snow banks. Happy shoveling.Dalhousie University Rm Henry Hicks Academic AdminIt May Reduce Need For HRT finds new studyA study in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology shows published that Pycnogeno , pine bark extract from the French maritime pine tree reduced, climacteric symptoms such as hot flashes, depression, panic attacks, cholesterol and other common symptoms associated with in women entering menopause transition.Faculty and students in school five research units and dozens of collaborative centers and institutes forge new solutions to of the complex healthcare challenges of today, including chronic disorder, quality of health care and finance, Issues Emerging GM, climate change, social and economic disparities and their implications the health, infectious disease, and globalization of health. Whether new discoveries in laboratory and the exploration and education in this range, of our faculty, students and graduates have all over the world to promote and safeguard your health use..

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