Only 10 % of senior centers defibrillators.

However, the investigators also found that 37 % of schools reported having one or more defibrillators on campus. In contrast, only 10 % of senior centers defibrillators.’In theory, you have the defibrillators in places like senior centers, ‘ will put more cardiac arrest, ‘Cram said. ‘Instead, we saw more defibrillators in schools. This practice may not be maximizing the number of lives saved, ‘.

The study in in the October issue of of the medical journal Prehospital Emergency Care , raises the question of how decisions are made about public places make this potentially life-saving devices. The investigation was. On surveys of 147 high schools and 20 licensed senior centers in Iowa and California during the 2001-02 school year.Repair thoracoabdominal aneurysms of by open surgery in people who poor surgical candidates has substantial links morbidity and the mortality rate.