Not only is the phenomenon called baby fever is present is found in men and women

Not only is the phenomenon called baby fever is present is found in men and women, according to researchers from Kansas State University . Gary Brase, associate professor of psychology, and his wife, Sandra Brase, a project coordinator at the University College of Education , have nearly 10 years researching baby fever: the physical and emotional a baby a baby. – Baby fever that idea in popular media that at some point in their lives, people get this sudden change in their desire to have , said Gary, said Gary Brase. While it is represented frequently in women, we noticed it in men, .

While some research has looked at the demographic and sociological aspects with children, there was no previous study from a psychological perspective, said Sandra Brase. The Kansas State University research appears in the upcoming issue of Emotion, which is published by the American Psychological Association.

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