Non smoking determine the number of Non smoking households käyttäjien arviointia.

Non smoking determine the number of Non smoking households, The researchers used data from the National Cancer Institute Tobacco Use Supplement to to the Current Population Survey. They found voluntary Non smoking rules in households nearly 45 percent in 1993, doubled to 86 percent in 2006, probably due to the increased awareness of secondhand smoke hazards and a reduction in the number of smokers in the homes käyttäjien arviointia read more . Smoke-free rules in homes are extremely important in order to protect children, given the many negative effects that secondhand tobacco smoke exposure on children’s health has, Alpert said.

Notes:by the by the Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute. ‘Smoke-free households with children and decreasing prices for Paediatric Clinical Encounters for Otitis Media in the United States, ‘Hillel R. Ilan Behm, Gregory N. Connolly, Zubair Kabir. Tobacco Control . Doi: 10 Online 26 January 2011.

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