Members of the AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa who participate in the demonstration.

Members of the AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa who participate in the demonstration, said their intention is send a message to send a message to the world leaders send to which forum, the Citizen reports. Paula Akugizibwe, ARASA executive director, said the protest came in the wake of the increasing political hostility financing universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care that has been by leaders by the leaders of the world, according to the publication. – Clear public and social economic gains do not seem convinced donors on the need African countries of HIV programs to have sustainable, said Akugizibwe.

To date, 103 people in Vietnam have become infected a with the H5N1 avian influenza virus strain, the virulent, of which 49 have died.Scientists fear, andN1 virus could mutate one day and just man is transferable . This has not happened. It is still to begin for a human bird flu from a bird, and even less difficult for a human another person another person.This year is Health Insurance To Top Service Employees International Union Agenda During 2008.

Service Employees International Union officer Friday saying that the matter of universal health insurance will be political agenda for the group of in the year 2008 to top, CongressDaily reports. To exit charged Following SEIU Secretarial – treasurer of Ann Burger, the union is planning in this year $ 75,000 $ 75,000, largely due to about 2,000 members of taking their jobs in order stand up for the day. Burger added that SEIU are infrastructure infrastructure the city according the 2008 election in order lobby legislature the question of universal health to address within said first 100 days the new government.