Malaria currently rivals HIV and tuberculosis.

Malaria currently rivals HIV and tuberculosis , the world’s deadly infection, killing two to three million people a year, or about one person every 30 seconds. The model described in this study provides both a test for therapeutic antibody efficacy prior to clinical trials in humans and an important tool in malaria vaccine development.

This study was supported by a Medical Research Council Career Establishment Award, a European Union Marie Curie Excellence Grant, Antibody Immunotherapy support for malaria, and a ROPA .Correspondence to: Mainor R Antillon, Section of Gastroenterology, One clinic Drive, Columbia, MO 65,212 , USA. Nr World Journal of Gastroenterology.

Food Allergy – researchers are also looking new approaches for treating food allergy, a major health problem to the industrialized countries. It affects between 6 per cent – 8 % of the children and 4 of % of the adults. Currently management of food allergy practices include avoiding certain foods and medical treatment of of acute responses.