Making the PLA the 1st military force in modern history to take action.

A spokeswoman for the academic study institution told the Chinese daily paper Global Situations that it rejects the activist organization’s latest record and questioned its strategies. ‘Cadmium rice’ But China’s bloggers were even more apt to quickly part with Greenpeace. ‘There are also GMOs in Beijing!’ one blogger wrote. ‘I question if marketplaces there sell them too? It’s so frightening! Municipal governments should clarify this!’ ‘We don’t even understand if GMOs are harmful to health,’ said another. ‘All I’d like now is the right to learn.’ Regarding rice and various other crops, Chin has additional problems besides GMOs – – pollution.Regarding to Ung Chun Hour, the ministry’s director-general of transport, the ministry is collaborating with the National AIDS Authority at the Ministry of Wellness to finalize the questions. Chun Hour said, ‘It is important that drivers – – especially professional drivers – – find out about HIV/Helps. Professional truck motorists live definately not home and are more likely to use sex partners.’ Teng Kunthy, secretary-general of the National Aids Authority, said programs to add questions about HIV/AIDS on driving tests come in light of the fact that Cambodia’s roads are improving, leading to more truck motorists traveling within Cambodia and to other neighboring countries, the Post reports.