MACE rates were analyzed 8 months after PCI.

MACE rates were analyzed 8 months after PCI. For those who tirofiban received had 9, for those for those abciximab had 12 patients who had non-coated stents, a higher rate of MACE – 54 patients or patients who have been treated with the sirolimus – eluting stent had relatively lower MACE rate – 29 patients or patients who received sirolimus – eluting stent were also much less likely, revascularization require – 10.2 percent with bare metal stents with 3, 2 percent with sirolimus – eluting stents compared.

Drug-releasing stent Better Than uncoated stents for angioplastyA study early online in the journal JAMA published conclusion that angioplasty angioplasty after a heart attack , and experience the drug the drug sirolimus much less likely major adverse cardiac events get released in the next 8 months to patients who received uncoated stents compared. Marco Valgimigli, and colleagues also found that patients who were taking anticoagulants abciximab and tirofiban obtained similar results for some cardiac measures within 90 minutes after angioplasty.The research team plans extra mouse studies, which could lead to Phase I clinical trial conduct for some time in the future.