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‘This large, underserved population of over two million people is the ultimate goal for our device. We believe that long-term partial circulatory support will assist a new and promising therapeutic approach for chronic heart failure, which may respond better this patient, 20d we are excited by the experiencing significant impact on hemodynamics and quality of life in the pilot study patients. ‘.. ‘Patients implanted with Synergy been significant clinical improvements in hemodynamics and, above all, shown the quality of life,’said Bart Meyns, long term the Cardiac Surgery Gasthuisberg University Hospital in Leuven, Belgium.Also , the use of tomato fibers produces products and new sensory attributes, and thus can be used as a texture-modifying agent, (as an ingredient for nice Sensory quality even until the point of avoid the use of other additives, fibers and this new product to confer education for potential functional and enriched foodstuffs with new technological characteristics, so that a number of new properties in terms of absorption of and / or retention from water.