Is evaluated in a study with 580 children with secundum atrial septal defect

Is evaluated in a study with 580 children with secundum atrial septal defect , researchers, the long-term safety and efficacy of transcatheter closure compared with conventional surgery. Transcatheter closure is a minimally invasive treatment for patients with uncomplicated ASD. – ‘In our opinion, the main advantage of transcatheter closure versus surgical closure is that it for open heart for open heart surgery and thus the need for cardiopulmonary bypass,’said Colum Owens, study lead author and Adult Congenital Heart Disease Fellow at the MAUDE unit Royal Victoria Hospital, Centre in Montreal Centre in Montreal here .

Using data from the Quebec congenital heart disease database, Owens and his team analyzed data from patients aged 1 to 18 years, follow-up underwent either conventional open-chest surgical closure their their ASD or transcatheter closure . The average age for surgical patients was 4.6 years versus 5.7 years for transcatheter patients. The researchers found:.

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