Including their cigarette and marijuana use.

The findings come from a study of 648 adults aged 18 years and older who answered questions on smoking, including their cigarette and marijuana use, and respiratory symptoms. Volunteers aged 40 and older had lung function tests.

The chances of smokers any respiratory symptoms was 2, that of nonsmokers, while the odds of someone who both cigarettes and marijuana was smoked with respiratory symptoms 18 times higher than with someone who smoked neither – an eightfold jump in risk, Tan says. study suggests an interaction between smoking cigarettes and marijuana, these findings have not been described, and they have a major public health implications, says Tan.Despite the encouraging results The is located view more works. Launches Ward in the education clinicians on the importance of coverage illness A check of diseases coding strongly suggests major number of unreported cases, also used in the intervention hospital for this study, he said. On.

The intervention group received e-mails Director reader of a website* which list all reportable terms with directions on how reported which public authorities. The website also offers allowed doctors to time-intensive and on her handheld device, such information be easily available Download this and facilitate reporting with the Department of Public Health.