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In the study, adult smokers smoke their smoke their usual brand for a week. They were then set on six weeks of therapy with cigarettes with progressively lower nicotine. At the end of six weeks, they were are free to return their usual brand and most have. But a month later , they were tested 40 % smoking fewer cigarettes per day than it was prior to the study. In addition, a quarter of smokers quit their habit during the study during the study underway. – Professor Neal Benowitz, who led the research team from the University of California in San Francisco, said: ‘This study supports the idea that if tobacco companies were required to the level of nicotine in cigarette tobacco, young people who are smoking with could begin to reduce, prevent and reduce current addictive smoking could or end their smoking..

Is homozygous apolipoprotein E2 associated with a protective effect against AD and contributes to delaying the onset of symptoms. However, previously, no significant data was clinically confirmed AD noted in persons with apolipoprotein E2 homozygote. The opposite is true of apolipoprotein E4. Previous studies have confirmed that apolipoprotein E4 is predictive risk factor for AD and an increased genetic risk of AD.Arterial spin labeling is a MR technology, which the water the arterial blood as the endogenous assess of perfusion perfusion noninvasively. It provides unique insights into human brain is perfusion and function physiology by evaluation cerebral blood flow . ASL is an also high spatial resolution perfusion imaging whereby the technique very appealing. In the evaluation of stroke, tumors, degenerative diseases, epilepsy, but also alkaline neuroscience , eg for research functional CBF changes and support services the technique for the determination of cerebral perfusion used were non-invasive and to which, by the use of exogenous contrast agents, such as in 15O selected radiotracer positron emission tomography .

ASL is an application that provides perfusion without having. The using contrast media With this patent, Siemens syngo ASL* Introduction from Tim be driven, creating a wide range of users in both the hospital and research in order to get access to this very promising application.. Change to ensure complete solution for non – ASL developing contrasting perfusion imaging.

Siemens is the first company develop a complete commercial ASL solution of to University of Pennsylvania.