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In the future we may be able to umbilical cord blood from babies, lung diseases such as cystic fibrosis, to do understand how to understand how to develop these diseases and develop develop better medical treatments, said David McKenna, assistant professor of pathology and laboratory medicine and medical director of the Clinical Cell Therapy Lab at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview savella reviews more info .

Now researchers at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center report in December 2006 found issue of the International Journal of Oncology that the molecular profiles views in a similar group of busy breast cancer laboratory cell lines significantly in human tumors. We have provided a response to this dispute, at least for cell lines that represent a majority of the cases of breast cancer, said the study’s lead author, Robert Clarke, Professor of Oncology and Physiology & Biophysics at Georgetown University Medical Center. – the disease.Researchers – and by extension, breast cancer patients – can now have more confidence in these laboratory cell line models, as the basis as a basis to the disease and design new therapies, said Clarke.


In June 2003. Court confirmed State of Law fetocideis the second time four months, confirmed the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals a bill which provides an fetal legal position, that AP / in Houston Chronicle reports.

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