In order to avoid spreading the treated cancer.

‘In this study, we enrolled 21 patients with advanced retinoblastoma for whom conventional treatment is enucleation,’he noted.. Society of Interventional RadiologyA new interventional radiology treatment successfully treats advanced retinoblastoma – a deadly, inherited cancer of one or both eyes in children – and often protects them from having their eyes surgically removed , according to the results a study presented today at the 33rd Society of Interventional Radiology of the Annual Scientific Meeting.

Intravenous chemotherapy is not very effective because perhaps less than 1 % actually reaches the eye. By the drug directly to the eye, a curative drug concentration can be achieved, while preserving the healthy tissue in the body.Learn more learn more about the Ad Council lupus Public Awareness Campaign, ‘I might lupus? ‘SourceLupus Foundation of America, Inc.