In accordance to Candice Alfano.

Children with chronic sleep problems may develop mental health disorders later in life Clinical research center provides low-cost evaluation, treatment for children and adolescentsChildren who’ve chronic sleep problems could be much more most likely to build up mental health disorders as adolescents and adults, in accordance to Candice Alfano, associate professor in medical psychology at the University of Houston and director of the brand new Sleep and Anxiety Center for Kids . To handle this problem and further research in the area, Alfano opened up SACK, a scientific research center at UH that delivers low-cost, empirically based evaluation and treatment providers for kids and adolescents who have a problem with anxiety and/or sleep disorders .

Single fathers, however, have not gotten very much attention from scholars, health policy advocates and sociable service companies that coordinate public medical health insurance. Besides reduced access to health care, children in single-father families have a higher threat of drug use, have more problems in school and take part in risky behavior more often than children in households with a single mom or both parents do, according to the scholarly study. There is a lot work to do with this growing kind of family unit quickly, Ziol-Guest said. Get in touch with Jennifer Shaw, HSR Business Supervisor, at 422-2646 or.