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Approximately 250,000ter WoesPakistan faces enormous water issue. This summer flooding millions of people homeless and without access to safe drinking water has left. But water issues – both quantity and quality – are not new in this strategically important country. Water-borne diseases account for 30 % of deaths in Pakistan and kill approximately 250,000 children each year. Per capita water availability in Pakistan is less than one ninth of what it is in the U.S. And what’s more, researchers say if Pakistan fails its water resources differently, it’s about actually out of the water. This month, EARTH Magazine explores the different facets of Pakistan’s water theme. – The October cover story Fixing Pakistan’s Water Woes: Impossible Odds, Irrepressible Hope, focuses on the critical work being jointly developed by the U.S.The more than eight million adults who come question as the dual represented approximately 18 percent the Medicaid public, however account for 46 percent the Programme cost because of their complex range of medical, of behavior and long-term care needs. At A majority of the the dual eligibles is in a fragmented fee-for – service systems, to little to no coordinating cultivation. Integration of financing, delivery and manage services can be reduced Medicaid and Medicare greatly unnecessary hospital visits and a reduction in the use of institutional care over time.

The Transforming Care initiative sets to work from CMS and five States have among prior Integrated CHCS ‘ Care Programme for operational obstacles to to integrate service through contract with SNPs commenced to speak. The new program is did CIRIMAT a set of integrated delivery models on dual eligibles, can be implemented by other states across the country. Lessons from participating countries will be spread Medicaid stakeholders over the course to the initiative.