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In its comments in response to the discussion paper Connecting Connecting Health Services with the Future: Modernising Medicare by providing Rebates for Online Consultations has RDAA said if managed appropriate telemedicine consultations could deliver some improved healthcare contributing in rural and remote Australians.

‘Many patients are facing in rural areas with long and expensive travel to see a specialist , and in many cases online consultations could result in significant time – patients patients lead, ‘said Dr. Peter Rischbieth RDAA vice president. Dr. ‘Examples of the type of advice we see as appropriate including follow-up appointments with specialists as such test results and no physical examination of the patient is required, or the monitoring of patients with chronic diseases. ‘.Of the bone. New objective for postmenopausal loss of boneacademics new information to an immunological signal pathway in mice, how oxidative stress out from Lack of estrogen leading that lost who discovered explained. The finding has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences could be help to identify a the new drug target for the prevention of menopausal loss of bone.

Previous mouse research has shown that both oxidative stress and increased T -cell activity to bone loss contribution by estrogenic loss that occur after menopause or where ovaries removed. Oxidative stress is the toxicity accumulation of much reactive oxygen into cell. Research shows that T – cells to bone loss in the because they are. A protein called tumor necrosis factor , formation of osteoclasts formation of osteoclasts in rodents and humans increase Osteoclasts cells cause an excessive destruction of the bone.