Gets federal approval for new patient costs to help fund Medicaid.

Colo. Gets federal approval for new patient costs to help fund Medicaid; Ga older males . Senate passes hospital tax Denver Business Journal: A federal agency has approved Colorado’s plan to charge a per-patient fee to hospitals in order to expand Medicaid and Child Health Plan As well as eligibility and insure even more state residents. Gov. Expenses Ritter’s office stated Thursday that it experienced received notice from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services that it had given its OK to a healthcare facility provider fee. Receiving that approval means that the state can match each dollar gathered by the fee with one from the federal government and double the amount it raises through the program.

Colorado county criminalizes self-reliance: Off-grid living punished such as a crime There was a period in America — and not so long back — when there is simply no grid, at least for individuals who lived outside of urban centers. To reside in rural areas was the rule self-sufficiently, than the exception rather. People knew how to survive without power, running water, sewage systems or any other services provided by power or municipalities businesses. They used wood for kerosene and heat for light; they wells dug, built outhouses, raised chickens and cows, grew their own meals.