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Two years after the surgery, the implant has improved the quality of life of the patient significantly, he said. Predicated on this successful surgery, which was published as a full case report in the May issue of the journal Otology & Neurology , individuals with von Hippel-Lindau disease with hearing loss could be be applicants for a cochlear implant now, Kim said. The condition, caused by inheritance of a mutated tumor suppressor gene, occurs in 1 out of 36,000 live births, and about thirty % of the patients develop tumors in their ears – frequently in both.The standard of the client support provided by Centris may be the make or break aspect for the competitiveness of the complex platform. Using CA Support Desk Manager in conjunction with ITIL procedures enables Centris and its clients to simplify, integrate and automate the support processes and make them more transparent. The workload on Centris’s IT administration group has been decreased and the support procedures have been made a lot more efficient for the clients. Change requests, release adjustments, error and event text messages etc. Can now be processed and dealt with far quicker, which results in higher productivity and greater client satisfaction. Martin Cetin, Head of Customers and Market at Centris AG commented, The functionality of CA Service Desk Manager enables Centris to stick out from the competition, as the advanced of availability of the applications and fast issue solving are key criteria in the insurance sector.