For more than a century

For more than a century, some of the greatest advances in medicine at the intersection of biology and physics were born Perhaps many of of the most interesting discoveries of tomorrow are investigated on. This junction today Possible examples include: the development of advanced imaging and therapeutic techniques for dealing with cancer and other diseases deep within the body, invent new alleviate the suffering of alleviate the suffering of people with certain diseases, the creation of new materials with useful biomedical properties and discover opportunities . Briefcase or life-saving drugs to specific parts of the body highlights of some of these findings are described below.

4) measurement of the flexibility of the human eye LENSES as we ageis used the lens of the human eye a purpose similar to the lens on the front of a digital camera bring both light coming from distant objects in the focus. In contrast to the hard glass lens on the front of your digital camera, the lens of a young human eye is soft and deformable. A sphincter a sphincter by tiny ribbons around its edge, human lenses dynamically change their focus on objects at different distances from its shape. As we age, our ability change the form eye lenses, which diminishes one of the reasons Further studies so many people over the age of 40 to wear reading glasses. There is no clear scientific consensus on why the lens ability to change shape with age -. One theory is that the muscles grow weaker. Another reason is that the material properties of the lens itself, change stiffening with age. Now Professor Sooryakumar and his colleagues at Ohio State University and the University of Houston have light scattering studies on the human and bovine eye lenses done their elasticity. Their elasticity. By monitoring minute changes in the frequency of light distributed from the lenses, they can calculate variations lens elasticity. What they found , both in cow – eyes and in a group of human lenses obtained from OSU organ donor was was consistency. Although there was some variation in the elastic characteristics of the lenses with the age, the rigidity of the lens did not change significantly. This contradicts earlier data drastically , the lenses of how we propose to stiffen age. Further studies are needed, but now the question is how time affects our eye lens is wide open. (Talk A39.

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The concluding report on its evaluation the NHS, Mr Darzi recommended that in that the NHS to set options for for a single national three-digit number continued access to advice and information on non – emergency care to explore. Asks Ofcom consult to that providing a number being the next step in the process.

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